Judith Ripka by Danielle Rollins

Author, lifestyle expert, and designer Danielle Rollins draws inspiration from her expressive All-American style in the new limited-edition Ocean Reef Collection, a collaboration with Judith Ripka. Part of an ongoing, exclusive series with women artists and creators, Judith Ripka brings Danielle’s sumptuous Southern aesthetic to life with elegant, nautical-themed jewelry.

“I wanted to create a vacation state of mind, that you don't have to travel to always be at the ocean.”

– Danielle Rollins

The Ocean Reef Collection expresses Danielle’s effortlessly elegant aesthetic. At the heart of the collection is a Gold Vermeil necklace that doubles as a pair of link bracelets. Marine medallions in lapis, mother of pearl, black onyx and blue topaz lend a note of seaside playfulness and personalization. A meticulous cocktail ring adds a special-occasion impact to everyday wear. The collection’s fusion of medallion and glamour pays homage to Danielle’s love of all things nautical.


What was your inspiration when designing this collection?

I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, soaking up things that I see, read, hear, feel and touch like a little sponge. Nature almost always tends to inspire my color palettes. I wanted to create a vacation state of mind. You don’t have to travel to always be at the ocean.

I am very sentimental about my jewelry and I never really feel dressed without it. It’s my personal talismans and “armor”, clasped safely around my neck or wrists, on my fingers, or dangling from my ear. The pieces I’ve collected and the memories I’ve made in them give me a sense of comfort. I love wearing it and layering it. I’m a working woman who needs to look polished, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. I like to have versatile pieces that can be worn in a myriad of ways, so we really thought through how to design pieces that had an interactive versatility to them.

What drew you to jewelry?

Jewelry has always been what I build my outfits around rather than just the finishing pieces. I started designing jewelry before I wrote books, designed interiors, or created clothing. I’ve loved gemstones since I was a very young girl, collecting and cataloging stones for their beauty and mystical qualities. This collection is full circle for me!

How would you describe your personal style?

My style, in the way I dress, decorate, and live, is very classic with a certain casualness mixed in. The focus is always on comfort, not formality, with an irreverent, bohemian flair. I’ve always been someone who never followed other people. I love traditional designs, but I adore color, texture, pattern, and whimsy – mixed with structure. I wear what looks good on, not what’s in style. I decorate and design in a way that’s comfortable, inviting, and warm, but ultimately gives a sense of joy to a space.

What does All-American style mean to you?

It means understated classics worn with a studied indifference – where even the most formal of outfits have a casual air. It’s pairing pieces like tomboyish sportswear, oversized fisherman sweaters, denim, a t-shirt, or cashmere turtleneck with a ball skirt and jewelry. Think effortless but always elegant, and often statement-making. The style begets leisurely weekend getaways, long days spent on the beach, a wholesome contentment with life’s simpler pleasures.

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