the isola collection

The Isola collection draws inspiration from the sea. Its mysterious depths and the discovery of treasures washed up on shore. Natural elements blend with manmade objects, creating unexpected combinations that capture both the raw and refined beauty of the sea.

Isola Watch with Mother of Pearl and Stainless Steel Band

the vienna collection

The Lipizzaner horse inspires this collection with its sense of effortless grace. An enduring symbol of Austrian royal heritage and Spanish dressage, the Lipizzaner conjures a sense of purity and the pursuit of perfection. The romance and sophistication of this equestrian art form is expressed in the enduring elements and strength of sterling silver. Subtle statement pieces capture the timeless allure of the Lipizzaner horse, riding into a future of boundless beauty.

the eternity collection


Symbolic of time without end, the Eternity Collection epitomizes love that is infinite and everlasting. The intertwining and bound shapes found in each piece signify the connections we have with the people we love: our families and our most cherished friends. Let the eternity collection be a reminder of the eternal love between us that will never be broken.

the eros collection

Celebrate love in all its forms with the Eros Collection. Inspired by the romantic in all of us, the collection gets to the heart of the matter with sculptural statements in gold and sterling silver.

Tell your personal story with designs that layer and stack to make them your own. Modeled to form an expression of love, the Eros Collection evokes the true beauty of the one who wears it.

little luxuries

Inspired by the intimate connections made through jewelry, our little luxuries are personal expressions to wear and treasure every day. Tell a story — or build one of your own. With a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, each of these jewels celebrates an occasion and makes everlasting memories.

Little Luxuries Textured Hamsa Medallion Necklace with Blue Sapphire, Diamonds and 18K Gold

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